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The Brasa, with its distinctive design, draws a bright red line on the ordinary style of carrier rearlights existing on the market.

Thanks to the new LLT technology used (Light Line Technology), the design of the Brasa is exceptionally slim and innovative: the technique and optics are clearly offset from the rest of the light, giving the impression that a red line is floating in the air. Its profile is particularly well integrated onto all types of carrier (50 or 80mm bolt distance).
The clear and clean lines of the Brasa make it also much simple to operate with its easy accessible switch and simple battery removal.
The LLT uses one LED only and the extra-wide shape of its light guide allows a great visibility on both corners, offering more visibility and safety for the user and other road users. An additional asset of this technology is that the power consumption is extremely low compared to other rear lights on the market.
The Brasa is available in both dynamo and battery versions, with sensor (automatic) and safe-stop functions.
During the development of this rear light, Spanninga took the environment into consideration, since all the components are removable for recycling purpose.
Want to personalize your Brasa? Customization of the glass mask and the housing are possible on demand.

The Light Line Technology of the Brasa has one single LED which consumes 23 mA only. This brings the autonomy of the battery versions up to 160h! A similar technology is commonly used in the automotive industry in order to have the most creative, trendy and unique design for rearlights. Today, rearlights are one of the chief parts of cars identity, but for bikes too!

 Use   Biking
 Light source   1 LED
 Batteries   2 x AA (Xb & Xba versions)
 Autonomy   <100h (Xb & Xba versions)
 Light & motion sensor    (Xba version)
 Low-Battery-Indicator*    (Xb & Xba versions)
 Safe-Stop**    (Xds version)
 Water resistance  
 Shock resistance  
 Weight***   < 130g
 No-tool mounting  
 DE-FR approvals  

*      starts when the battery capacity is 30%
**    the light shines during 4,5 min when the bike is stopped
***  including batteries


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